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Pastoral Staff

The Pastoral Staff Ministry primary purpose is to provide support to the Senior Pastor and the TGM staff and leaders. They are responsible for building relationships with members and leaders, exercising pastoral care duties such as serving others with the gift of time and attention, supporting the Pastor in ministry and participating in Sunday Morning services and prayer prior to worship.

Elder Grady Lawrence, Jr. is a man of discipline and honor who exemplifies these attributes in almost everything he touches--no doubt a trait he acquired while serving in the United States Army. Elder, like many of us like to call him, is truly an example of a “man after God’s own heart.” He has a passion for worship, preaching, counseling, and mentoring and desires to operate in obedience to God by first leading by example and making a difference for the better. His ultimate goal, you will hear him say often, is to be an example and to one day, when the time comes, hear “Well done, good and faithful servant” He currently wears many hats at TGM, but one that he is most proud of is to oversee the Pastoral Staff Ministry.

The Pastoral Staff is expected to exercise admonition and discipline and to defend the faith and pray for God’s people.
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Elder Grady Lawrence, Jr.  

Pastoral Staff