Giving & Payments

Contribution Form

Please use this form for your TGM contributions. Simply select your giving item in the dropdown options and enter your amount and contributor name. See the Contributor notes below. If your item does not appear in the dropdown, please use the Other Payment form.

Other Payment Form

You may use the "Other Payment" form to submit payments for various Truth, Grace and Mercy Church items. Simply enter a short clear description in the payment item field.

Contributor / Paying For Whom

Quite often the name on the payment method (Credit Card or Bank Account ) is not the name "For Whom" this payment is tendered.
FOR EXAMPLE: Elizabeth Jones is the name on your card, "For Whom" might commonly be...

  • Betty Rollings (Rollings married name - Betty name you're known by)
  • John Rollings (your spouse)
  • John and Betty Rollings (you and your spouse)
  • Chris Rollings (your child)