Truth, Grace and Mercy

Founded in February 2013, Truth, Grace and Mercy Christian Church (TGM) is a growing ministry built upon the foundation of Faith:
Faith in His Truth, Faith in His Grace, and Faith in His Mercy.

Because of this strong foundation, TGM is a conduit where:

The needs of families are met
The hearts of the broken hearted are mended
And the relationship between God and man are restored

Feels Like Home

We are a ministry with a desire to make all who attend feel welcome, and this is evident from the moment you are greeted at the door. We not only want you to feel welcome, but we want you to feel free to worship. Before you can make it to your seat, our dynamic and anointed worship leaders will have you raising your hands and shouting with joy because of their infectious worship spirit.

And if that is not enough to make you feel comfortable, we have one of the most charismatic, faith-driven, anointed preachers in Georgia, bringing the word in her "one-and-only" style that will provoke every emotion imaginable—whether it's tears or laughter, Pastor Grace Scott has an ability to deliver the word in a way that is provoking and at the same time gentle.

We know there are many ministries you can choose to attend today, but all we ask is that you will give us a chance to help you to be all that God has intended you to be by laying and strengthening that foundation of Truth, Grace and Mercy through Faith!

Truth, Grace & Mercy

Connecting Family and Faith